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Lil Uzi Vert - Alot lyrics

Feat : Zaytoven

Slide around with the mop (yeah)
All we know is up the ops (yeah)
Ben Baller, cost a lot (yeah)
Lambo your parking lot (yeah)
Shoot that leg he hop
Shoot that leg he hop
Shoot that leg he hop

[Verse 1]
I'm mixing them words like a synonym
She tryna swallow like cinnamon
Rockin' vements (uh, yeah)
Rockin' that sh** like its
Little n***a I got hella bands
Stand on my money im 7' 10
f** on your b**h 'cuz she heaven sent
Smell on that girl like she heaven scent
Ooh, that booty heaven sent
Smoking that gas thats my medicine

Little n***a think he better than
Lil Uzi really a veteran
This still my first not my second win
Lil Uzi Vert with that [?]
Gettin' this money, whats happenin'
Gettin' these girls, whats happenin'
Used to have Ashley
Used to have Kesha
Then I put dick all in Madison (yeah)
Moving that work traffic
Move through the dirt [?]
Chopper gon' twerk, Pakistan
Nowadays I just be having fans
Go in the club and I'm throwing bands
Oh you a stripper give me a dance
Walk around with the ? bands
I got all types of girls
Just know I'm always with some ten
Diamonds so clear [?]