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Lil Uzi Vert - Amnesia lyrics

Verse 1:

Shawtys blowing up my phone like I'm the plug
I'm just a little asian girl dressed as a thug
Really I don't gang bang, but i'mma beast
Rapping like it's ramadan yeah it's time to feast
But back to the topic, let me serenade this rap
Yeah I got her legs opened, like a vagina flaps
She trynna be strapped to me like a purse
She digs my style, now she down to earth
Front seat action haters scope watch
It ain't a man's world? if strippers let me touch
I got the keys to the vault, waiting cash out
No drought money coming cos I ain't a rookie scout

Verse 2:

She gonna add my contact and delete yours
Leave a message, while she riding like a seesaws
Second time I picked up the call and left the phone
Let you know she no longer f**ing in your home

Change of residence, probably file a divorce
You kept her in the dark, I gave her the torch
Like she won medals, I built pyramids
Whisper in her ear, can I eat it like some grits
R.I.P to these haters, yeah I hold my peace
STUNTING ON IG, when your sh** leased
Mean flow I stay causing rappers controversy
My music open doors like a lamborghini mercy

Verse 3:

Before you pan yourself out as the victim
She needed that fix, I was her prescription
It ain't my fault dog if I'm easy to approach
If ain't my fault dog she likes the music I promote
I'm just on my job, working like an immigrant
Money stacked like drug money, the wall is the bank
Plata O Plomo, I'm like ESCOBAR
Got enough punchlines to free me from bars
You can't stop her a**cheeks that juju's on my face
Test me and I'll see you, like a court date
When I show up, that's when they bail out
I spit that inferno, leave haters in a drought