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Lil Uzi Vert - Danny Glover (Freestyle) lyrics

Skrt skrt skrt

[Verse 1]
Ok cool n***a you a dummy
Finesse yo woadie out his f**in' money
She s** me and my partner you thought I was gonna cuff her
Well Lil Uzi don't save these hoes like Danny Glover
4500 hundred for four or five licks
Lil Uzi Mr. pull the trigger don't miss
Pop a Cristal and pop at Chris chicks
Sneak dissin' bout me boy I don't miss sh**
Got 36 straps you got 36 hats
I got 36 O's, you got 36 n***as

You with 36 rats, 36 in his mat
Better pray to god that n***a don't miss
Drummer man drummer man
Hundred band hundred band
Got b**h on me cause she know I'm the man
She wanna f** with me cause I'm the man
Yeah I'm gettin' money, its just lookin' funny
No tens and the twenties, got fifties and hundreds
I chill with my n***as, I chill with my n***as
Pop zan with my n***as
I'm drinkin' the lean, Promethazine, I'm all in codeine
Ya eyes they wet
That Maison Margiela yeah n***a I'm feelin' so clean
Like oh, like oh, like oh, like oh
Lil Uzi yeah