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Lil Uzi Vert - Diamonds lyrics

Like Ohh, why you wanna mess up my mood
Wish that you were me cause you're not cool (yeah)
Lookin' like a fool, like a dog barkin' at the moon (why?)
Cause I'm shining, like look at these diamonds
Like look at these diamonds
Tired of these n***as I swear they be lying
I never keep me you know I'm on not

[Verse 1]

Doin' these d** yeah I'm outta my body yeah
Real n***as over there oh I'm sorry
Stay on track, rollercoaster
f** her once keep her closer yeah
Like her fast but extra slow work, (what)
Drop the top, make it hold up
f** these n***as cause they always being extra
All these diamonds on me I don't feel no pressure
Money coming in like I am an investor
She tried to take a break but I already left her
Like ohh, when i...