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Lil Uzi Vert - Everything Lit lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Luv is Rage
Lil Uzi
Lil Uzi, Lil Uzi

Boy, you disgust me
Why is yo b**hes so ugly?
My b**h so perfect, she kinda look Asian (yeah)
Come all the way from Toronto
All she do is s**y-s**y
My stomach problem from all of this muddy
No money problems ‘cause I'm gettin' money (money)
This sh** is crazy, it just started for me
I was just home, broke, doin' the dougie
Pinky ring, water-flooded
Wrist got cold yellow diamond runnin'
Grab a tissue if it is an issue (damn)
Usually grab a pistol
No, I didn't for them itty-bitty n***as
I'm from the city with real k**ers
n***a Gilly said, “Ya' gon' win now”
Uzi countin' all these major figures
Getting money, got a major hitter
But I ain't talkin' Barry Bonds (yeah)
When I was younger, wanted Keri Hilson
n***a like Dennis the Menace
Now my money old like Mr. Wilson (yeah)
Sneak dissing, who you? The records be missing
I f** with Hit-Boy, I'm tryna be a hitman
Takin' yo a** straight out of existence
Where is yo hitman? That other man got him
Shout out Jodye Flacko, f** wit' your album
Moving them pigeons, them birds, they be flockin'
White b**h on my dick, she ride like a ‘Rari
When I get rough, she crank that like a [?]
She shake her a** on my dick like a cocktail

I could've f**ed your b**h right at L.A
That's how much she play with my [?]
I had put some money right in the safe
Didn't do nothin', was high, it was late
But we still talk on the phone everyday
About goin' on that perfect date
She hear my name, p**y on percolate
Only date if my dick all in her face (woo)
Wait, 4-5, that's all on my waist (all on my waist)
Wait, why these n***as in the way?
Why do these n***as be frontin'
They just be there with no office
Most of they're parents be owning they office
That both of my parents pray more than less often
My old b**h always be gaggin' and coughin'
My new b**h, she swallow me up so jawless
I want the money, the fame, and the barbie
You know, the white b**h that look like iCarly
She ride my dick like that b**h is a Harley (skrrt)
I just got Energy j**els that was counterfeit (counterfeit)
Clock rounds like my VVS diamond wrist
Everything real, so keep on watchin' it (watchin' it)
If you watchin' me, then you watchin' it (you watchin' it)
My new b**h asked where is the profit for this (profit for this)
Gettin' money really ain't no option, b**h (no option)
Watch your mommy and the lie detectors said (oh)
Boy, I swear you did not write the script (oh)
Never really was a fan, though
Four-door coupe, open just like a sandal
We used to pray for them Lambos
I take my girl to a private resort
Heard we walk 'round wearin' sandals
My b**h so bad, she a handful
That's why she treat me so good
Wake up the p**y and eggs, they be scrambled
Everything lit
Everything, everything, everything lit
Everything lit like a candle
Ohh, she gave me head like some dandruff
Everything, it is so random
Love and rage, it is so random
Love and rage, it is so random