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Lil Uzi Vert - IN DA FIELD (FREESTYLE) lyrics

Lil Uzi, Yeah yeah
You know I'm savage

40 Glock posted on the block
My shorty pop when that forty stop
You a cold rat informing cops
And all we do is hit the ops
Got a forty shot in your fitted cap
b**h s**ing dick she been a thot
Riding four Gs with them
She sipping lean get high a lot
We busting shells and throwing shots
From Philadelphia where they die a lot
You ain't putting in work, you ain't high a lot
Only thing you do is lie a lot
I know some n***as that sock the cop
I know some n***as that shot a cop
I'm bout my cream Promethazine
And I whip the til my til' my hand lock
I'm bout my Cream promethazine
She s**ing dick nut in her eyes
f**ed her so hard she feel paralized
Lil Uzi vert he a monster
That AK goin' ten reds
I ain't scared n***a I take a life
I ain't got a gun I'll shake the knife
Ain't got that put your sh** on ice
She s**ing dick she ain't been a dyke
Yeah my j**els been important
Oh that b**h ain't white I swear she important (she not)
Flawless, a** so fat it look like a target
I love the farmers
Regular b**h proceed 'em with caution
Bargains, I get that lean by the bargains
Flossin' they askin' me how much that sh** costin'
Sorry I can't tell you hoe get off me
Sorry, I can't tell you hoe get off me

Get off me, I'm winnin'
Lil Uzi be sinnin'
Got a b**h on me
Got hundred racks and I be spending (my n***a)
Platinum plus the grill, can't f** with no gold (no no)
Yeah I got a b**h 36 years old (yeah)
Yeah I got a brick, thirty six O's
Yeah I k**ed that, feel like I'm the bro
Okay she might be the hoeski, pa** her to the broski
Gettin' all this money whip that sh** like cannolis
I just did it, spent it spend it
Talkin' on my pivot
Yeah n***a I'm piff
Yeah I'm still on my pivot
I feel like I'm Scottie Pippen
I feel like I'm Jordan (Jordan)
Most of my b**hes be whorin'
I prolly can get that sh**
Water whip that brick
Yeah I just got a b**h ice tea like its Brisk
I just k**ed it
Damn damn Lil Uzi
Lil Uzi lil uzi thats what the groupies say
Lil uzi, lil uzi, let the toolie spray
Lil uzi, lil uzi the life before the fame (yeah yeah)
You know I'm bout to be on top
You know I just got the old rocks
You know got the hood rocks
Still up in my
I just just get it
I just said just flip it
I turn around and all up out
And know I get it
Is you with it
You with it, I'm with it
Prometh', Prometh' you know I'mma sip it

Hold up
Damn damn
Lil Uzi