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Lil Uzi Vert - Lane switching lyrics

[Chorus x 10 Aka Frank]
Lane switching

[Verse 1: Iamsu!]
I'm lane switching
I'm blowin pot
I'm out the window
I feel like Pac
Your girl ah thot
She just want the Guap
Go and do a feature spend it on a watch
Cheer leader spectator you just wanna watch
Want that platinum plaque like drug dealers wanna block
You sleep on me and you gone wake up out your sleep a lot
My swag O.D I'm spending G's up in they sneaker spot
H B K G A N G we the ones that make it hot
I remember they ain't wanna hear sh** from me but they flip flopped
Like sandals I need mad doe and that's mandoe
I got hella shows I'm on schedule and I'm prayin they don't get cancelled

Lane switching x10

[Verse 2: Lil Uzi Vert]
Yah lil uzi lil uzi
I'm counting money until I'm bored
I'm drivin' Rari's and I'm swerving fours
Jump out the Rari b**h don't slam my doors
A million one hoes yeah I f** you sore
s** my dick but I need some more
Might pull out my camera then I hit record
p**y soft like leather better Devalor
Chopper in the dresser if these n***as want war
Pray for a hundred round drum
Now I get money as well lil uzi pay for hundred round drum
Down in the money best believe I make it rain in the room
Best believe us with the cane with the room
Drivin' the Raris with that n***a Su

Lane switching (x10)