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Lil Uzi Vert - Lean lyrics

[Verse 1]
Shorty spot my dick, looking just like she my hammer
Told that b**h keep the hammer on the dick
Told that b**h I am the man
Hit a n***a with the forty get fanned
Tell a n***a he get blammed
Why this n***a looking at me like he is a fan
Shorty, get the f** outta here
Cause your b**h be geeked up, fam
Told that b**h s** on my team
Told that b**h I get the green
Drinkin' the lean
Codeine, codeine, codeine, with a little promethazine
I got the clip on that b**h and the stick hang out that b**h like that b**h is a limousine
Told that b**h I'm living can't be beat
In Los Veg, in the crib eatin', lean a cuisine
Got your hoe all up on me, I rock all the tommy
You ain't got no job, I call that n***a Tommy
Hit a n***a with the, hit a n***a with Tommy
Put a drum on the b**h, dick always in her stomach
Dick in her throat til that b**h wanna vomit
Told a n***a I'm high in the sky like a Comet
I'm gettin' money I'm countin' comma comma
I might f** yo' momma, hit yo a** just right with the llama
I don't care about no sh**, hit a b**h, feel like MC Hammer
I'm up on the sh**, never going broke
Countin' ten fifteen hundred, too legit to f**in' quit
I been giving b**hes dick going in til that b**h s** my balls
If she got a cold, then I feed that b**h some how
I might move my bricks where the motherf**in' U-Haul
I just talked to all my n***as

I got a plug from Coloradol, oops I mean Colorado
Told a b**h I go hard, play the Guitar
White b**h she live in Utah
I got all the clout, I got all the b**hes
Yo wife be my hoe, Lil Uzi gonna glow
My ice bright like the snow
Told that b**h just to go, told that b**h I'm on go

[Verse 2]
Hit a n***a with the forty, AK-47
Darko, darko, .223 in it
Hit a n***a up pop his body in
Tried to move move knocked his a** off his pivot
Told my b**hes to jump on my dick
Just like a frog so she have to Ribbet ribbet
I might even hit that n***a with chirp
Told that n***a just give me what its worth
Told that b**h s** my dick and make it work
I got the money n***a smokin' purp, sippin' the lean
Told your b**h I'm gettin' money
I f** with Blue Benjis no green
That be all hundreds, I just go crazy
I told your b**h she will not be my lady
Ew you make that b**h have your baby that b**h ate my baby

What I say? I got all the clothes
I got everything
Countin' blue benji's, me don't f** with green
I usually keep it green, bullets in yo' team
Chico world, n***a