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Lil Uzi Vert - Like Yeah (Sway In The Morning Freestyle) lyrics

Uhm, everybody wanna be who? Yeah, wait, uhm, yeah, Lil Uzi
Like your girlfriend my groupie, yeah, wait, f** her right up in the coochie
Like yeah, walk around diamonds on me like what? Colors on it like a [?]
Like yeah, drive 'round right in a Hummer, aye, stuntin' like I did this summer
Like yeah, wait, look at my Rolie, what? Presidential like Obama, yeah
I might f** on your mama, yeah, blow that b**h up like Osama, yeah
Uhm, rest in peace, yeah, [?], yeah
Hit a lil n***a right up, yeah, pull up right in a Bentley truck like yeah
Wait, what you gon' do? Yeah, your lil b**h I screw like yeah
I might just shoot at you, don't get you then I'm gon' shoot at your crew like yeah
Wait, why you all on it? Yeah, wait, show me my opponent, yeah

Drive 'round right, yeah, countin' my money then it's all exponents like yeah
Zero, zero, zero, yeah, wait, your b**h all up on me like yeah
You ain't got no money, yeah, wait, your sh** is so corny like yeah
Your b**h on me, she horny like yeah, dance to me like run it like yeah
Drive 'round up with some sh**, yeah, got your b**h right all on my dick like yeah
Oh my, what, yeah, put my dick on her lip like yeah, nut right up in her eye like yeah
Now she related to Slick Rick like yeah, why you wanna get it? I got it, yeah
All this money in my pocket, yeah, go let, uh, oh wait, like yeah
Goyard on my waist and on my wallet like wait
Why you got all that money? Yeah, I don't even, uhm, f**in' know, yeah
No I am not, uhm, Jeezy but you know I'm whippin' that snow like yeah
Why you wanna do it? Yeah, lil n***a you cannot prove it, yeah, aye
I feel like I'm winnin', aye, yeah, uh, I get to shootin' like yeah