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Lil Uzi Vert - On My Line lyrics

Feat : Lil Herb

Bust, bust and traps on my phone
The Junky won’t leave me alone
Had, had your b**h all on my phone
Damn she gave me down,
Drivin’ on my phone
The Junky won’t leave me alone
Your b**h on my phone
That will give me down

Game dong, game dong
Bullsh**s, I don’t know
What the f** you sayin?
Jumpin’ in the Roz, sippin’ on this rose
2-2-3 and balls, all my diamonds close
Chain look like snow and them b**hes go
All my b**hes souls, they be snimin’ coke
I don’t feel no coke
Trippers have ahead, have it with the sticks
Forty five with balls, you ain’t really know, I was with the sh**s
Now you really know
Speakin’ to a different languages
And made it out of joke, designa a** clothes
Ballin’ like I’m sami, chillin’ in Miami
I just need a Grammy
Chillin’ on the OZ, p**y to be flowin’
She ain’t got no barel
You’ll be on the floor, I am not an human,
All this be just splattin’
Boy you still let me
My own n***a droppin’

Bust some traps on my phone
The Junky won’t leave me alone
Had your b**h all on my floor
Did she gave me down
Trap, trappin’ on my phone
n***a you won’t gave me low
You’re b**h on my phone
That give every dawn
All of my b**hes they fannin’ they rice
They’ll s** my dick the first night
Sippin rose cuz I’m not gettin’ high
Mix the codeine with the sprite
Hoers on my dick, try to f** it on Wednesday
Can’t f** that b**h if she basic
Like have a brick from my brasy
Pull up I try to stuck it on erase
Pull up try to rase on my stripe
New b**h let me f**in’ it straight
The perspective I’m bustin’ in face
Money on business gonna stay on my mind
I give up all of my time
Touch that b**h til I’m all on my way but I lie
She don’t do strip you the dice
And you drop but you never stop hittin’ my line
I got you go strippin’ on line
They don’t got me, just sit on and last
Thirty shot clips on that
Try to run and get hit in the splat
If you jug you get hit and get splash
It gets me up in the hood, post it up with my ice and my gun with my n***a