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Lil Uzi Vert - Please Don't Touch My RAF* lyrics

I done came up
Busting down a whole bag
Broke n***a step back
Why don't you peep a n***a's swag
You don't even gotta ask
What are those? What is that?
Please don't touch my Raf
Please don't touch my Raf
And I'm drippin' on rags
Rick Owens be the tag
Do the dish, we gon' dash

Yeah I'm boasting, never brag
Please don't touch my raf
Yeah I'm catch 'em like a cab
Yeah I'm rappin like a ____
Yeah I ____
Yeah I pop em like a tag
Yeah she drop it on the dash
___ in the bag
And she always bring it back
n***a goin on the ___