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Lil Uzi Vert - So What* lyrics

Hundred thousand on my wrist
Bought her heat with a [?]
Two thousand on my wrist who thought I'd be livin' life like this
Two thousand on my wrist, you probably thought I couldn't buy this sh**
White diamonds on my neck, white diamonds on my fist

[Lil Uzi Vert]
I just got a white b**h said she whippin' up the brick
My pocket it got the most
I do not want that lil b**h
Told my b**h eat out my hoe
She put that dick in her throat
I do these b**hes [Raf?] like I'm floatin
Mixing that lean with cream soda
Young n***a but my money old , aye
Look at these b**hes tellin' on me

My b**h she like "so what"
Look at my money thats all on me
Smoking that gas like a stoner
Nowadays talkin' my b**hes [?]
I'm watchin' tv, nowadays I'm on TV
Migo and Thugger baby yeah
Yeah I just be countin' the G's
I feel like I am [?]
I got the [?]
I got the [?]
I got the [?]

I got more Keys than Alicia
These n***as be talkin' policin'
I took your hoe and released her
200 thousand on my wrist, thought it all was a fantasy