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Lil Uzi Vert - Who It Is lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Love hurts but I ain't tripping
Sip lean so I can't feel it
Feds been on my dick lately
k** a n***a if he can't zip it
Full cups and stank swishers
I rap different, I think different
They told me stay in my lane
Put on my blinker
I'm a lane switcher
Camo shorts and pain k**ers
Wood grain gripping my Rolls Royce
I wet these p**y n***as up
I guess I make these hoes moist
My blunt fat like Kris Kringle
My kush strong like John Cena
New Orleans is my lingo
And my hoes they love to deep throat yea
I'm so, I'm so Hollygrove
If you didn't know well, now you know
Got a Spanish b**h on my mattress
I'm a f** her good then it's "vamonos"
Got a pound of weed and a pound of coke
My white girl about to overdose
We'll keep shooting at a dead body
n***a that's a Holy Ghost
Lil Tunechi

[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
Whip down brought a couple bands
Jagged Smith and Wesson in my pants
Street n***a yeah I love to sag
All a n***a know is chase a bag
Out of town meeting with the plug
Conversation ended with a hug
Puerto Rican flowing through my blood
n***a disrespect me then it's going up
By myself in everybody city
Gangsta I don't need nobody with me
15 learning how to whip it
17 Church's with the chickens
Dreka fine a** she be really with it
Eating booty with a thumb up in her kitty
Stroke her p**y while I'm s**ing on her titties
No it's not important I just had to mention
I took my lick I came back kept it pushing
n***as be ratting on friends cause they p**y
Call me Chef Kevin I know how to cook it
Flash out in public don't care who be looking
Die for my respect
Thank the lord I'm blessed
I don't get tired
Never time to rest
All about a bag
Running up a check
n***a disrespect me
Coming at his neck

[Verse 3: Fetty Wap]
You know it ain't no one it's only you baby
You know I ain't gon waste no time on you baby
I'm running 'round and 'round the world with you baby
You know I ain't gon waste no time on you baby
You'll have the time of your life baby
You know I ain't living right baby
You'll have the time of your life baby
You might baby

[Verse 4: Kodak Black]
From the ugly corner out to LA (I'm out in LA)
Kodak done brought the poka out to LA (I brought the poka)
Back when I was small I used to be pushing weight (when I was little)
Now my pockets large 'cause I been gaining weight (I'm getting greedy)
See no I'm not from NO but my n***as is (they from New Orleans)
Kodak had the strap since a lil' kid (when I was small)
Gonna buy my mom a house when I get filthy rich (when i get rich)
Remember I used to ask my mom for 50 cents (I was broke)
On them jiggas smoking kush it's always loud (I'm getting high)
Now I rock designer I got money now (I'm getting fly)
Now my b**hes finer I got money now (I'm getting money)
I been in the streets since a lil' child (since a baby)
Project baby I just bought a Jaguar (just got the coupe)
f** with me that n***a gonna be flat lined (he gonna be down)
I still keep the poka on me all times (I keep the poka)
I just want the world I think it's all mines (its all mine)

[Verse 5: Lil Uzi Vert]
I just went copped me a bezel yeah
I f**ed your b**h in a sweater yeah
She wanna kiss I don't let her yeah
Walk out yo house in margielas yeah
Me and Brittney in the coupe yeah
2000 dollars a tooth yeah
I go so hard in the booth yeah
I f** these b**hes in 2s yeah
I f** these b**hes in 2s yeah
They be on me like I'm glue yeah
f** with Brittney Ima shoot yeah
f** with Brittney Ima shoot yeah
You cannot be Uzi U yeah
My money old and yours new yeah
Got the Goyard bag on my back watch me flex
Got the Rick Owens jeans and my pockets full of racks
Took your main b**h and I won't give her back
Made a hundred in a day now I'm like what's next

[Verse 6: Young Thug]
I'm in love with my baby

And I f** with my baby
Got 40k all in my pocket
And it's all for baby
Down to ride if a n***a wanna try you
It go up for my baby
Cause that be my bestfriend and my slime
Pour a cup for you baby
And my diamonds be cold like the winter
Take a look at my watch let it snow
Ain't got time for these p**y lil n***as
Cause my shawty got pots on the stove
Ima buy a new bag every week
Ima put my lil shawty in mink
Cause I got a bag under the car
Ima ride for my dawg what you think
Ok me candy taught me cardio
I'm bouto keep it tucked and tightened yo
A girl that's down and tell me we gotta go
We flying around from LA to Hollygrove
A cup with a cup I try to told
I double the cup pour that purple up
Got shawty all in my perimeter
I f** on that b**h on the comforter
I f** on that b**h cause I love with her
I f** on that baby I love with her yeah

[Verse 7: Lil Yachty]
I just did a show and I made a deposit
I got bands flowing all out my pocket
I might f** around and f** a n***a momma
I got j**els all on my designer
Hating a** n***as all mad cause I'm winning
After 1Night the folks thought I was finished
I dropped out cause I didn't like school
But I'ma still make it do what it do
Counting all these bands
f**ing all these fans
b**hes love the boat
Cooler than a fan
I got red hair
Money in my pants
Wrapped in rubber bands
I'm the f**ing man

[Verse 8: 21 Savage]
Young savage b**h walk around with a pistol
Young savage b**h and I'll shoot your f**in sister
Keep the heater on me cause I never trust a n***a
Slaughter gang sh**, I'll k** you with my n***as
Young Savage gotta have a AK In my trunk
Murder gang sh** f** with me and Ima dump
I'll wet up your block and leave and you and your homies slumped
Pull up in a foreign, k** a n***a with the pump
f** Donald Trump
b**h it's 21
I been k**ing n***as on your block since I was young
I been k**ing n***as on your block cause it was fun
I light up your momma crib make it look like the sun

[Verse 9: Young Dolph]
I pulled up in something that you probably can't pronounce
I'm the king of Memphis, told my city I'll hold it down
My young n***as got choppers hold more than 100 rounds
Since I start moving weight I gained almost 100 pound
Real street n***a in a Lamborghini
With all this money in my face you can't even barely see me
With all this p**y in my face I can't even barely breathe
Got all this smoke up in my car got me looking Chinese

[Verse 10: 2 Chainz]
My outfit cost a hundred grand
You want a feature? That's a hundred grand
To book a show that's a chicken
Should've said that's a hundred grand
Yeezy told me "Stay flexing on 'em"
Weezy told me "Start blasting on 'em"
I done f**ed so many bad b**hes
This year I had to start pa**ing on 'em
I pull in the lot, my car autopark, I push it to start (Yeah)
You try me like samples, I call up my goons, you get popped like a tart
A hundred grand to spend time with me
She lucky if she get 5 minutes
Then I call her a Uber
Hell nah, you ride with me

[Outro: Birdman]
98 Lambs
40 paper plates
30 houses
20 cars
9 swimming pools
37 Motorola phones
You understand me, playboy?
We drinking GTV
Rich gang, you understand me?
Put some respect on my name, playboy
94 flatscreens
27 houses with garages
27 houses with 3 garages
Palm trees
12 gla**es of lemonade
GTV, you understand me?
(bird call) Rich Gang
And 3 artists, on the label, trying to sign more
You understand me, playboy?
All three of them, you understand me?
Ms. Gladys
95 foam plates