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Lil Uzi Vert - XXL Freshman Freestyle: Lil Uzi Vert lyrics

I met some homies make a night what I signed for
But that's okay, I stack my money, make it times four
Look at my shoes, yeah, you know them things be Tom Ford
Lil Uzi, July 31st, born in '94
All these boys hatin' on me, that's why I got this nine for
But you know I run the game just like I'm an athlete
Better yet, not an athlete, runnin' just like a track of me
Told that girl that she can't see me or can't meet me
Told that boy he can dress like me, but he can't be me
Told that boy I don't see no competition like I'm Stevie
And yeah, I don't believe in the devil, but I play with them Ouijas
Alright, hotter than wasabi, everybody know that

Huh, same cla** as my n***a 21 and Kodak
Huh, told that girl I got them diamonds on my teeth, that's Kodak
Better smile for me, huh, yeah, you better get wild for me
Yeah, look at that Rolly, girl, better tell the dial for me
Cause that thing don't tick, baby
Huh, you probably get hit, baby
Yeah, if that boy talkin' sh**, then I turn that boy into a lick, baby
Forty shots for Lil Uzi, boy, I don't believe that
Huh, come into your hood, boy, yeah that's where we at
Yeah, where the weed at
Yeah, where the lick at
Yeah, boy stop all that talkin', I said where the bricks at
Yeah, you'll get hit back, break your neck like a Kit-Kat
Yeah, better get back, because this AK got that kick-back