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Lil Uzi Vert - Lotus** lyrics

[Lil Uzi Vert & MATT OX]
Oogie Mane, he k**ed it
Oogie Mane

Bro got the nine, I got the .4 tucked (.4 tucked)
n***as want keep talkin', they gon' show us (Show us)
Pull up in that Rolls and got this pole up (Woah)
Told her bend right up, do the toe touch (Touch)
Aventador my doors, I look like Jonas (Yeah, yeah)
I pull up in a Lamb', it's not a Lotus (Yeah, ooh)
I see my opps again, I gotta load up (Yeah, what)
I got a demon in my engine, I did a donut (Yeah)

Oh no, no, no, not you again, baby girl, yeah, you a ten
On the real, yeah, you a ten, but you cannot pay your rent
Got her rubbin' on my skin, sing to her like Boyz II Men

Pa** her right to my friend, then I proceed to her twin (Okay)
This a Uzi, not a Mac, I got no pin
Bet you couldn't tell the difference, and that girl a gem (Gem)
Gucci pants, come out the Gucci store, come with a hem (Hem)
My pants, they so tight, don't know if they for her or him (Or him)
n***as want my style, I got some swag that you can lend (Lend)
Balenciaga with the Prada, still rock Phillip Lim
Louis, Bape, got it tied around my chin (Chin)
Gosha [?]