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Lil Uzi Vert - My New Girl** lyrics

Ballin' till I'm bald, wipe that Nair off
You ain't know I could put words together, tryna spare y'all
We ain't scared, young n***as in area
My cousin, he ready and he cannot wipe a tear off
If you ain't wit' it then why you here though?
Shakin' like you scared though
All that courage stuff so cowardly just like a scared dog

f** you gon' swing, or we just gon' have a stare off?
My new girl allergic to fur leather in the winter
My new girl allergic to fur, cat ain't got no hair though
And that's, something that I had to share though
But I know you do not care though
And my Raf is an oldie so I'm living super rare though
My Vlone from 2013, this sh** might tear though, yeah
They say, "Uzi, why you turn down?"
This that, "Let me sit the chair" though