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Lil Uzi Vert - Bag lyrics

Feat : Young Thug & Dolly White & Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Chi Chi

[Intro: Lil Uzi Vert]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Producer Tag
D Racks

[Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert]
Damn, Lil Uzi turned to the man (I did)
Pull up, no Range, this a Lamb' (Skrr)
Pull up on me, you get faint (Fire)
She drop to her knees, use no hands (What?)
Run through the money, toe jam (Usain)
Saw what you got in your savings (Damn)
Got more than that in my stash (Uh)
Thumb through the money and laugh (Huh)
Grab your lil' b**h and slow dance (What?)
Thousand dollar for my pants (Uh-huh)
Twenty thousand my left pocket (Damn)
Ten thousand in my right pocket (What?)
Dolly come through with the MAC (Bow)
Uzi come through, digi' dash (Aye)
Chichi come through with the strap
Doraah come through

[Verse 2: Dolly White]
Dolly come through with the swag (yeah)
Chichi come through with the bag (bkrrt)
Uzi come through with the TEC (bop)
Pablo gon' finish the rest

We stackin' these checks, and we movin' like chess
Me and Lil Dada, we doggin' your bae

[Verse 3: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]
24 karat, red gold
We don't f** with you n***as, you really some hoes
Chain on my neck, it make my heart cold
I'm a slime a** n***a, I'll wipe a n***a nose
Kickin' sh** like I got steel toes
I tripped [?] and it still sold
Don't play with that f** sh**, that what we got trips for
I need a Dolly-Dolly, I got a truck load
Rappers remind me of CB4
Hit the plug for the stash, Gusto
They kidnap for ransom, they cut throat (gimme that)

[Verse 3: Lil Chichi]
All of my n***as they cut throat
They rather put you on a boat load
All of my n***as some convicts
Walk around with the hammers and sticks
I send my young n***as, full blitz
Lil Chichi gon' pull up and handle this sh**
Pablo gon' send em from Eastwyck
My slime n***as got me seasick
Diamond boogas, yeah you b**hes can't see it
Red bottoms how I'm kickin' this sh**
Rollie bezzle, take a look at my wrist
YSL, n***a you know that we rich
Chichi gon' come with the case like a brick