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Lil Uzi Vert - In It LUV Is Rage 2 lyrics

[Hook/Verse 1]
I start yawning in the morning woke up in it
Pour some in it, smoke some in it, smoke some in it
Goyard bag with the bands throw some in it (throw some in it)
Throw some in it, yeah go get it, yeah I go get it (yuh yuh)
I'm not kidding, off my brain, it's not uh written
So my percentage just a hundred mind your business
What Thugger say? "I eat ice cream with my chicken"
Pescatarian, extra shrimp with extra lemon (yeah)
Don't come to my crib if you don't got extra women (huh!?)

I put 10k on my pinky just so I could check my pimpin' (ya)
I don't got no feelings now, ballin' on my pivot now
Girl I really wish you started 'fore it finish
And I knew it wasn't you from the beginning
Don't worry 'bout me now cause you hear that
I'm on the road yeah I'm on the shows yeah
Girl I really wish you started 'fore it finished
And I knew that it was it from the beginning
I'm denying man, they lying and I get it
Man I..