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Lil Uzi Vert - GG intro lyrics

[GG Allin]
Other people stop accelerating people say there gonna do sh** and they don't do it
I'm going all the way with it
The ultimate rock and roll sacrifice is d**h
When I die my soul goes on
Its another invention
A bottle of d**h is exciting
Why do I wanna get old and be nothing
Why do I want to be a poor human being
I wanna do what I wanna do
And get everything done quick as I wanna do it

And get the f** out of there
And still
And accelerating into the next life
And still leave my blood here
To be the blood of rock and roll
And still be here I'll never go away
But When I'm dead I'll become stronger on earth
And more powerful in the next life
If I k** myself that doesn't solve the mission
It goes on and on and on
And people are so f**ing stupid