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Otilia Biography
Otilia was born on June 13, 1992 in Suceava, Romania.
Since she was little her talent for music was obvious. The first person to notice her, was a music teacher from the National College “Stefan cel Mare” in Suceava. She was 17 years old when she started working for the television channel Antena 1 of Suceava. She usually sang folk songs.
Her first stage name was Bijue but after several songs released, another singer stole her name. In the summer of 2013 she changed her name to Otilia and by by november she had released three songs: “French Kiss”, “Russian Dream” and “On Fire “.

Otilia launched in November 2013 a new video for the song “On Fire”, for who she filmed for three days in various locations in Bucharest. She already has many concerts but even so she want to release her first album very soon.

She has often been invited in various shows over the world and every where she go make the people go crazy with her look and her voice.

All her released songs enjoyed a big success through all listeners not only in their country but abroad also. Her first song “All the stars” had a lot off success. Basically, the video was made at the request of record labels that signed off the track, that in order to enjoy a better promotion.

Labels as Clipper’s from Spain, Portugal and especially we announced a long-term collaboration with Som Livre in Brazil. The last mentioned have successful artists as Michel Telo, Gusttavo Lima, which will bring light in her career.

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